I enjoy teaching. Whether the crowd is full of established academics or students doesn’t matter to me.

In the last years, I have been heavily involved in the programming courses in the Psychology Bachelor program at Utrecht University. In these courses, I teach students how to set up their own experiments and how to analyze their own data. In addition, I teach in the Applied Cognitive Psychology Master program on data analysis, signal detection theory and the problem of generalizability.

In 2016, I was lucky to receive the Maarten van Son junior prize for my teaching efforts: a prize awarded by faculty to Psychology teachers with less than 5 years of experience. Furthermore, I was nominated twice for the junior Psychology teacher of the year award by student vote (2015/2016).

I’ve given many presentations at conferences, foreign Universities and companies on eye-tracking research and methodology. Some of these are: Tobii Pro, University of Geneva, University of Turku, Lund University, the University of British Columbia and the Arctic University of Tromsø.

Presentation at Digital Social Science Lab in Copenhagen, summer 2018.