Benign & Roy Hessels - Ego

Sometimes I find the time to make music, and although it's been a while I'm still very proud of the album Ego I released with Belgian composer Benign

The album can be listened and downloaded by clicking here

A glimpse of its reviews: "Bringing together Brussels, Belgium based, atmospheric inspired Benign with Utrecht, Netherlands electronic musician Roy Hessels is a sonic marriage that works together in the most joyfully threatening way possible. Where Hessels fills sometimes strives for a more organic, guitar laced downtempo vibe, Benign compliments with controlled rhythms and exuberant glitch-esque breaks. The chemistry on Ego is instantly felt on the first track in which the two join forces. In fact, the collaboration is so seamless that there's almost really no focus on debate over which artist played which part in which song. Sure, there are a few solo tracks along the project, but when the two come together on 'Interlude', it's lethargic guitar licks and synthesizer drops and sputters play out like Pink Floyd trapped in a world of psychedelic neo-soul that's trying to find light through electronic darkness."